VIU Milner Gardens and Woodland

Frequently Asked Gardening Questions

The Vancouver  Island Master Gardeners Association volunteers have written articles on some of the most frequent questions they receive at the Gardening Advice Line.

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Topic: FAQ Question:
Annuals What annuals do I choose for a fragrance garden?
Bulbs What should I do with bulbs after blooming?
Fruit trees What causes the irregular, orange patches on the leaves of my pear tree?
Fruit trees How can I prevent scab in apples and pears?
Insects How do I attract beneficial insects to my garden?
Insects What are the large webs in trees occurring in late summer?
Insects How do I control white flies on new Rhododendron leaves?
Invasive plants

How to identify Invasive Daphne and eradicate?

Plant selection How do I choose the best plants at a nursery?
Potatoes What causes holes or tunnels in your potatoes?
Roses What are the black spots on my roses?
Rhododendrons How do I care for Rhododendrons?
Tomatoes What causes rot on tomato fruit?
Tomatoes What causes tomato blight?

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