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"Nature is essential to all of our well-being and learning.  Students in my class love to attend Shoots with Roots and continue to talk about the program long after.  - Gr. 2 teacher

A connection to the natural world is an essential part of a healthy childhood. Some children find this connection through science, while others find it through art, gardening, or outdoor exploration.  By offering a range of curriculum-linked outdoor learning activities, our Shoots with Roots program aims to cultivate children's connection with nature, in the inspiring setting of Milner Gardens & Woodland.  

2020-2021 School Year 

We will be offering a series of four seasonally linked field trips throughout the school year.  All four visits will be available as virtual field trips.  We are currently working on Covid-19 safety protocols to allow us to also offer these field trips in person on site.  

September/October:  Fall Leaves
– suitable for Grades K-3
Colourful leaves are one of the most beautiful sights of the fall season, but why do they change colour? This field trip will explore the science of how leaves change colour.  Students will also be introduced to some local Vancouver Island tree species and learn why some lose their leaves in the fall and others don’t.  

Groups attending in person will participate in a fall scavenger hunt as well as activities that celebrate the colours of fall while encouraging students to exercise their scientific observation skills in nature. 

Teachers booking virtual field trips will be provided with instructions for completing the scavenger hunt and fall colour activities in a natural area near their school before or after their Zoom session.

Big Ideas:

K - Daily and seasonal changes affect all living things
1 – Living things have features and behaviours that help them survive in their environment
2 – Living things have life cycles adapted to their environment
3 – Living things are diverse, can be grouped, and interact in their ecosystems

Curricular Competencies
K-3 - Demonstrate curiosity about the natural world, Observe objects and events in familiar contexts

K – basic needs of plants and animals, adaptations of plants and animals
1 – names of local plants and animals, structural features of living things in the local environment
3 – biodiversity in the local environment

Virtual Field Trips: 
Cost: $100 
Available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
Virtual field trips include a 45 minute interactive presentation via Zoom, 15 minutes for questions, and a pre- and post-trip package of activities for the teacher.   Teachers booking virtual field trips also receive support from our Shoots with Roots coordinator in teaching the pre- and post-trip activities outdoors should they have questions or need help adapting the activities to their class.  

On Site Field Trips: 
Currently unavailable as we develop our Covid-19 safety protocols.  These programs will be free of charge with limited availability, and will be available to K-7 schools with published Restart Plans that align with Worksafe BC protocols for K-12 Education only.  Preschools, community groups, and homeschooling groups are welcome to book our Virtual Field Trips. Please contact to express interest or request further information.

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