VIU Milner Gardens and Woodland

Shoots with Roots Accessibility Information

It is our sincere hope that all children feel safe and comfortable participating in our programs.  

Here is some information to help determine whether our programming will meet your child's needs: 

Wheelchair Access  

  • The Welcome Centre, teaching shelter, and Ursus Den (our classroom) are wheelchair accessible.
  • Our trails are a mixture of hard-packed gravel, wooden plank boardwalks, and woodchip trails. 
  • Wheelchair accessible washrooms are located at the Welcome Centre and Gift Shop.
  • We have wheelchair accessible gardening planters in our Food Garden.
  • There are some areas, such as rock paths, steps, and lawns, that may require wheelchair users to take an alternate route.  We do our best to use wheelchair accessible routes for the whole group during school programs.

Most of our washrooms are private and gender neutral 

There are gendered washrooms with stalls in Milner House.  We rarely visit these washrooms with school groups or day camps. All other washrooms are private and gender neutral.

We welcome neurodiversity 

  • Sitting and listening time is minimal compared to a classroom environment.
  • Autistic students, gifted students, and those with ADHD and executive functioning challenges often find our outdoor, discovery-based programming more suited to their needs than typical classroom instruction.

Children who require an aide to attend our programs are welcome to bring one

Please contact if you have any questions or concerns about whether your child will be able to participate in our programs comfortably.