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Plant Pick: Siberian Iris

by Vancouver Island Master Gardeners Association

Latin name:  Iris sibirica (white)

Common Name:  Siberian Iris

Considered to be one of the finest Siberian Iris.  It creates a lovely display of ivory -white, rounded ruffled flowers with golden centers. The flower is on a long stable stem well above the leaves and makes an excellent cut flower.

The Siberian Iris are an easy, trouble-free group, forming clumps of grassy foliage with a late spring display of butterfly-like flowers. Plants are sturdy and upright, and seldom troubled by Iris borer. This taller selection has a lavish display of clear white flowers. Excellent at the waterside, or in a moist border. Also suitable for using in tubs and mixed containers. Siberian Iris are tolerant of wet sites, and will even grow in the shallow water at the edge of a pond or stream. Striking addition to any garden, blooming late Spring into the Summer. Cut the dying foliage back in late fall. Easily divided in early fall, every 3 to 4 years. 

Plant Pick Iris sibirica white    Plant Pick Iris sibirica

Attribute Description
Form: A clump-forming perennial.
Foliage type:

Blade shaped flattened leaves, forming a fan, are the most common.


Grows 24-36” tall and spreads 18”-24” in width.

Zone 3-9.
Exposure: Full sun to partial sun.

Ivory white with golden centre.

Dark green.
Late spring to early summer.
Preferred Soil &

Lightly acidic soil will allow the Iris to thrive.  Sunny location in the garden is ideal although shade tolerant the Iris bloom may be effected.   Moist, fertile, humus soil is ideal for the Iris. 


The iris is the most trouble free and low maintenance plant in the garden which is also deer resistant. 

Photo credit: iris-sibirica-white-swirl