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Plant Pick: Ornamental oregano

by Vancouver Island Master Gardeners Association

Latin name:   Origanum ‘Kent Beauty’ 

Common Name:  Ornamental oregano 

Pretty, delicate long lasting clusters of flowers and attractive foliage, this semi-evergreen, easy care ornamental subshrub from the mint family features trailing stems covered in small, rounded silver veined blue green aromatic leaves.  

Valued for its long lasting pretty flower clusters, this subshrub blooms all summer long in whorls of pendulous papery pink cream and pale green, chartreuse hop-like flowers .  The leaves are aromatic but not an edible variety. This is one of the showiest ornamental oreganos.  Origanum 'Kent Beauty' is a British hybrid between Origanum rotundifolium and Origanum scabra.  It works well in containers and is ideal for cascading over walls in a sunny rock garden. Origanum 'Kent Beauty' is a perennial herb that thrives in warm sunny locations.   If soil is well drained it can survive into Zone 5 or colder, but may thrive as an annual, not a perennial. 

 Origanum 'Kent Beauty'   

 Ornamental Oregano

Attribute Description
Form: Bushy subshrub.
Foliage type:

Trailing; whorls of pendulous papery pink, cream, and pale green hop-like flowers. 


6” to  9”.

Zone 6 to 9.
Exposure: Full sun.

Pink/cream; chartreuse. 


Light green/gray, veined.

Early summer to early fall.
Preferred Soil &

Low water needs.  Low maintenance. Chalky, loamy, sandy soil.  Alkaline, well drained. 


Good for accent, adds fragrance, form, and texture to border, alpine, rock, containers and gardens.  Long lasting for cut and dried flower arrangements.

Photo Credit: Gardenia: origanum kent beauty 

                Gardenia origanum kent beauty