VIU Milner Gardens and Woodland

Plant Pick: Lungwort

by Vancouver Island Master Gardeners Association

Latin name:  Pulmonaria angustifolia

Common Name:  Lungwort or Blue Cowslip

A low maintenance clump forming and spreading perennial groundcover that attracts the early bee population.

A deciduous rhizomatous perennial grown for its early spring flower colour of deep blue.  Pulmonaria angustifolia is one of the few, if only, of the genus that does NOT exhibit the characteristic of the blue/grey spotting on the leaves so typical of other Pulmonarias. It is the blue/grey spots that gives the plant its common name of Lungwort. It is common practice to cut it to the ground once blooms are finished as leaves brown soon after.  Leaves only will return later in the season.  It is self propagating as the clumps expands each year.

Plant Pick Pulmonaria angustifolia     Pulmonaria angustifolia

Photos courtesy:  @kristibellis for Milner Gardens & Woodland.

Attribute Description
Form: Ground cover.
Foliage type: Elongated ovate leaves that form rosettes of sorts.
Height/Width: 10 cms x 15 cms.
Hardiness Zone: to Zone 4.

Dappled to full shade.

Flower Colour:

Deep blue.

Leaf Colour:


Flower Time: Early spring.
Preferred Soil:

Tolerates most soils, well drained soil.


Propagate by division right after flowering or in autumn.  

Flower tips are red-hued prior to opening.


Located by the Gardener's Cottage at Milner Gardens & Woodland.