VIU Milner Gardens and Woodland

Plant Pick: Evergreen Clematis

Latin name:  Clematis armandii

by Vancouver Island Master Gardeners Association

The Evergreen Clematis is quite hardy once established and blooms early in the season to remind us all that spring is just around the corner.  There are two varieties available, ‘Snowflake’ and ‘Apple Blossom,’ with ‘Snowflake’ being the most easily found.

This vigorous, slightly-scented vine does best in a sheltered sunny site with well-drained soil.  The stems will readily twine around a trellis or fence.  The Clematis armandii flowers on the previous season’s stems in pink or white.  It prefers well-drained, fertile soils - mulch well to keep roots cool in the summer heat and avoid covering the crown to prevent rotting.   Clematis can be planted deeper than existing level in the pot (about three inches deeper is good) which aids in prevention of clematis wilt and helps promote a strong root system. 

Provide support to the plant in the form of stakes or trellis until it is established and prune after flowering, if needed.  Prune regularly to promote the new wood for next year’s flowers.         

The Evergreen Clematis can be found on the Gardeners Cottage arbour at Milner Gardens & Woodland.


Photos courtesy of:  Kim Hammond





Foliage type:

Trifoliate, opposite.


3 metres /1.5 meters.

Hardiness Zone:

Zones 6.


Sun to partial shade; roots in shade; head in the sun.

Flower colour:

‘Snowflake’ variety is white; ‘Apple Blossom’ is pale pink.

Leaf colour:

Mid-green, slightly glossy and leathery.

Flower time:


Preferred soil

and Watering:

Average soil; average water except during very dry spells, it will need a little extra.


Protect from cold winds, if possible, and prune back hard after first flowering season after planting, then prune as needed.  Pretty tough, once established.