VIU Milner Gardens and Woodland

Weddings and Rentals Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have exclusive use of the gardens during the ceremony?

Milner Gardens & Woodland, including the Milner House and Camellia Tea Room, remain open to the public during ceremonies.

Catering: Can we bring our own food for after the ceremony?

Wedding parties are welcome to bring food to the gardens to offer to their guests. However there is no refrigeration or preparation space available for offsite food.

Can we have a champagne toast or other alcohol at the ceremony?

No alcohol is not permitted.

Children: Are children allowed?

Children are most welcome but must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Can we smoke on site?

There is only one designated smoking area on site. This is located beside the main garden road, in front of the Pool House Gift Shop. This is approximately 150m from the ceremony site.

Event Deposit: Can I reserve a date for my event without making a deposit?

Milner Gardens & Woodlands is a very popular site to hold weddings and other special events. A contract and deposit is required for your date to be confirmed as reserved.

Event Cancellations: Can my deposit be refunded if I cancel my event?

Deposits are non-refundable.

Guest Count: How many people can Milner Gardens & Woodlands accommodate?

During our summer months, we can hold a wedding for up to 150 guests.

Pets: Are pets allowed?

No pets allowed with the exception of certified assistant dogs.

Inclement weather: What if it rains?

Unfortunately, this is an area over which we have no control. However, tents or clear umbrellas are available at an additional cost. Tent rentals require advance notice to ensure we have the staff available to set up.

There is no interior space to move weddings into if it does rain.

Where can I find a list of wedding commissioners?

Find local commissioners.

Accommodations: Are there pleasant and comfortable accommodations nearby for our out of town guests?

Yes. Visit Parksville Qualicum Beach - Places to Stay.

Guests: How do guests get around the woodlands and gardens?

Guests may walk through the forest to the gardens, a ten-minute walk, or they can be shuttled to the Milner House via shuttle carts.

Tables and Chairs: Are they available for my use?

Milner Gardens & Woodlands supply lawn chairs and 4 rectangular folding tables in the basic event contract.

Early Set-Up

The set up may begin prior to the beginning of the event or earlier with prior arrangements. Please review your contract with your Event Coordinator for set-up arrival time.

Parking Service: How many guests can Milner Gardens & Woodlands accommodate for parking?

We have accommodations for approximately 70 cars on the property. Overflow parking is located on the highway. Parking attendants will be provided.

Music: What arrangements can we make for music?

Because we are located in a residential area, we must obey the Town of Qualicum noise ordinance and respect the rights of our neighbors to enjoy their residence during your event. Soft music is acceptable, (e.g. Violin, Flute, Guitar or Harp). Softly amplified music must be approved. Music set up time is one hour prior to the event.

Decorations: What are my decorating options?

Milner Gardens and Woodlands is an old growth forest. It is important that we always maintain the intended integrity of the gardens. Decorations i.e. balloons, confetti, rice, birdseed, or flammable devices of any type are not permitted. The release of doves and butterflies is not permitted. Bubbles and flower petals are welcome (petals must be picked up after the event). Floral arrangements are the responsibility of the client and are welcome in the gardens.

Restrooms: Are there ample restrooms on site?

Milner Gardens and Woodlands have a total of seven restrooms available for use during your event. Three are located in the main house (open during all ceremonies); two are at the Pool House Gift Shop and two at the Welcome Center (during regular open hours). Accessible restrooms are available at the Welcome Center, Pool House Gift Shop and Main House.

Vendors: When can my vendors arrive?

Please arrange the arrival times of your caterer, minister, photographer and other event vendors with The Events Coordinators. Your vendors are allowed to arrive for set-up as determined by your rental contract. All vendors must check-in at the Welcome Center upon arrival.

The Event Coordinator: What does the Milner Gardens & Woodlands Event Coordinator do during my event?

An event coordinator will be on-site during your event to monitor the wedding, assist with the wedding party to ensure that all is in order. They also will be assuring that rules are being followed and to handle building/grounds emergencies. They will periodically check the music level, making sure it is within the environmental limitation established. The event coordinator will do random grounds walk checking for safety and security issues. Milner’s staff is responsible for making sure the restrooms are in good working order, and adequately stocked.

Rehearsal: When can the rehearsal of my wedding ceremony take place?

The Wedding Coordinator and couple will schedule a time that is convenient the day or two before your wedding. These are normally scheduled on days that Milner Gardens is open to the public, between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. The dress rehearsal is limited to 25 people. Any additional attendees or guests are required to pay Milner Gardens and Woodlands standard admission fee.

Time/Damage/Cleaning deposit refund: When will my deposit be refunded to me?

Within 30 days of your event, provided Milner Gardens & Woodlands is left in the same condition you found it and no damage was incurred or additional rental items had been requested. If there is additional Damage/Cleaning or other charges, they will be deducted from your deposit and the balance will be refunded to you. Your refund deposit cheque will come from Vancouver Island University.